Application Process

Who can apply

Who Can Apply?

Applicants must currently be enrolled in "Kandidatdelen" at a Danish medical school (University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, University of Southern Denmark, Aalborg University). Please check with your institutions for further requirements.  Students must commit to conducting 10 months of continuous, full-time clinical research in the San Francisco Bay Area. Preference will be given to applicants who are on time with their medical study and have an established relationship with a qualified Danish mentor. The fellowship is not intended to delay student graduation from medical school.

The fellowship term begins August, 2019. Students must obtain and maintain an appropriate visa with validation of eligibility to work in the United States no later than July 15, 2019. The fellowship-program provides assistance with visa application. Eligible proposals involve research projects in the areas of clinical trials, epidemiology, health economics, health services, or translational research.  

how to apply

How To Apply

  • Find a Danish mentor and an area of research

  • Work with the Danish mentor to find a mentor at UCSF or Stanford (please contact the academic director if your Danish mentor does not have contacts at the participating institutions)

  • Define your project with your mentor(s) and write a Letter of Intent

  • Upon invitation, prepare a full application and a two-minute video pitch

  • Prepare for interviewing (may require multiple interviews and re-interviews´)

letter of intent

The Letter of Intent should include: 

Research Plan. The research plan should not exceed one page and must contain the following elements:

  • Background and significance

  • Methods

  • Aim and study hypothesis

 In addition to the Letter of Intent, we ask you to submit CVs for medical student and mentors (2 pages)

  • Up to two pages per person including information about current funding and mentoring experience.

Please submit all documents in a combined PDF file to Nadia at

Full application

full application should include

  • Student Video pitch (2-3 minutes)

  • Research plan (2-3 pages max), including timeline

  • Two letters of reference for the student

  • Mentors’ endorsement (joint)

  • Individualized training plan for the Student (joint)

  • Student’s curriculum vitae (2 pages max)

  • US and Danish mentors’ curriculum vitae (2 pages max)

  • Certified copy of grades from current institution

    Support of student’s application from current institution

Full Application should be submitted in 1 combined pdf file, including link to video pitch, to Nadia at