How To Apply

  • Find a Danish mentor and an area of research

  • Work with the Danish mentor to find a mentor at UCSF or UC Stanford (please contact the academic director if your Danish mentor does not have contacts at the participating institutions)

  • Define your project with your mentor(s) and write a Letter of Intent

  • Upon invitation, prepare a full application and a two-minute video pitch

  • Prepare for interviewing (may require multiple interviews and re-interviews´)

1) The Letter of Intent should include: 

  • Research Plan. The research plan should not exceed one page and must contain the following elements:

    • Background and significance

    • Methods

    • Aim and study hypothesis

  • In addition to the Letter of Intent, we ask you to submit CVs for medical student and mentors (2 pages)

    • Up to two pages per person including information about current funding and mentoring experience.

Please submit all documents in a combined PDF file to Christian Malherbe,

2) full application should include

  • Student Video pitch (2-3 minutes)

  • Research plan (2-3 pages max), including timeline

  • Two letters of reference for the student

  • Mentors’ endorsement (joint)

  • Individualized training plan for the Student (joint)

  • Student’s curriculum vitae (2 pages max)

  • US and Danish mentors’ curriculum vitae (2 pages max)

  • Certified copy of grades from current institution

    Support of student’s application from current institution

Full Application should be submitted in 1 combined pdf file, including link to video pitch, to Christian Malherbe,